Research & development

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At Xsites, we unite software developers and QA to guarantee the success of our customers. By bringing together these two departments, we ensure that solution transitions run smoothly from start to finish, providing high performance and constant security.


Software Development

Our software development services are aimed at engineering numerous software types. Xsites delivers world-class software solutions for businesses of all sizes. We help companies grow and reach their business goals as we transform ideas into innovative solutions. Our team has a proven track record in developing custom software.



At Xsites, we implement modern software development practices and employ DevOps to deliver ideal end results for our customers. Our main goal is to optimize the delivery of value, minimize potential costs, expand automation, establish and maintain a product’s performance through configurational management (CM).



In order to ensure that your software is functional, secure, user-friendly, and reliable, you will require our software testing services. We are ready to work with a project of any scale and level of difficulty.